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Why Coworking makes sense for a Startup

One of the first questions after launching your startup – is where are you going to work?

About half of startups choose to run their business from their home, but that may not be a suitable environment for everyone, especially once you start to grow and need to bring in more people or meet with clients. It is also hard to separate work from home.

The next stage is often the coffee-shop stage. You can take your laptop out to a coffee shop and work there. However, coffee shops are often noisy, too noisy to be able to talk on the phone, and also too noisy to be able to focus on a complicated piece of work.

When I started a new not for profit in my twenties, we launched from our house. This worked well until kids came along. The daily distraction – the incomprehension from a toddler that Daddy is working, even though I was in the house became too difficult. We made a decision that Daddy’s office would have to go.

We ended up renting space at a local YWCA which had office space. Space enough for my work equipment and computers, which helped define a healthy work / home balance. It also helped to define a regular routine – with defined start and stop times – which helped my family plan too.

However, I still missed community – it was just me either out on the road or in my office. It wasn’t until we started to grow and build a team that I had that comradery that I missed.

Co-working space jump-starts the community by combining diverse companies together while enabling flexibility, necessary for a startup. Each co-working space has a different layout, often an open office plan, with breakout areas, some also have enclosed, private areas.

Flexibility means you can rent your space for a month, or a week, or even a day in some cases. Alongside co-working space are often other benefits, for instance, networking meetings or business incubators.